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A Halloween Treat

It’s not too late to fill the treat bowl! Our Halloween themed recipe is fun and flavorful, baked without any additives or artificial ingredients to spook sensitive bellies.

We like to keep things simple.
Dogs deserve real food
(and treats — lots and lots of treats!)

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    Pups (& People) really like us

    "We're big fans of Bocce's treats because they are made with all-natural ingredients! They smell & taste amazing!"

    — Jag & Jerry (@jagandjerry)

    "We love Bocce’s because of their quality ingredients and no yucky additives. They’re always coming up with new & exciting recipes!"

    — Ziggy (@ziggythed00d)

    "Cooper loves Bocce’s! His coat, teeth, and digestion are in great shape thanks to Dailies (which we give him every morning!) Oh & he can’t go to sleep without his Bedtime Tea Biscuits either!"

    — Cooper (@merci_beaucooper)

    "Bocce's treats are made with wholesome ingredients that I would be happy to eat myself! Nigel and Rupert go crazy for them!"

    — Stacey, Nigel, & Rupert