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Our spook-tacular Halloween-themed recipes are fun and flavorful, baked without any additives or artificial ingredients to spook sensitive bellies.

We like to keep things simple.
Dogs deserve real food
(and treats — lots and lots of treats!)

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    Our Story
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    Pups (& People) really like us

    "We're big fans of Bocce's treats because they are made with all-natural ingredients! They smell & taste amazing!"

    — Jag & Jerry (@jagandjerry)

    "We love Bocce’s because of their quality ingredients and no yucky additives. They’re always coming up with new & exciting recipes!"

    — Ziggy (@ziggythed00d)

    "Cooper loves Bocce’s! His coat, teeth, and digestion are in great shape thanks to Dailies (which we give him every morning!) Oh & he can’t go to sleep without his Bedtime Tea Biscuits either!"

    — Cooper (@merci_beaucooper)

    "Bocce's treats are made with wholesome ingredients that I would be happy to eat myself! Nigel and Rupert go crazy for them!"

    — Stacey, Nigel, & Rupert

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