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Bocce's Basket

A monthly subscription to treat
your pet again & again (& again!)

Surprise your pup with their favorite
treats, supplements, and more!

So, what's inside?

A bag of soft & chewy treats

A bag of crunchy biscuits

A bag of dental bars

A month's supply of No.2 bags

Have Questions?

Don't be afraid to ask!

Do I get to choose the items in each shipment?

Bocce’s Basket is all about surprises! While you will not get to choose the specific recipes in each shipment, you can expect to receive 1 bag of soft & chewy treats, 1 bag of biscuits, 1 bag of Brushy Sticks, 4 rolls of No. 2 bags, and the option to add-on a supplement of your choice in every box. You can also specify if your pup has allergies to beef or poultry at sign up and we will be sure to exclude recipes from your shipment that include these ingredients.

If your furry friend knows what they like and you would like to choose the items your pup receives each month, we recommend Subscribe & Save, instead! Learn more here.

How often do I get a shipment?

Your pup will automatically receive their Bocce’s Basket every 30 days with the option to skip a shipment, or cancel, at any time.

My pup has allergies. Can I customize my shipment to exclude beef or poultry?

Yes! If your pup is allergic to beef or poultry (like chicken, duck, or turkey) - let us know by selecting the allergy option at sign up. We will be sure to exclude recipes from your shipment that include these ingredients.

Can I skip a shipment?

Yes! You can skip your next Bocce’s Basket any time prior to your next charge date:

1. Log in to your account here

2. Click “Manage Subscriptions”

3. Click your Bocce’s Basket

4. Click “Skip this order”

5. You’re all set!

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Pets & People Really Like Us

"Rigatoni absolutely loves Bocces and would be SO excited about a subscription box! He loves opening the package to see what flavor he got this month."

— Alisha & Rigatoni

"Atlas and I are excited for Bocce's Basket because we know we'll get quality treats! A Bocce's mail day is our favorite kind of day!"

— Brianna & Atlas

"Dixie Ann absolutely loves her Bocce’s and is super excited for all the new biscuits she gets to eat in her Baskets!"

— Ryan & Dixie Ann