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Bac N Nutty Biscuits

Dog Biscuit Treats

Oven-baked in small batches, our extra tasty biscuits are great for pups looking for a crunchy snack (even those with allergies or sensitive bellies!)

Bac N Nutty Soft & Chewy Treats

Dog Soft & Chewy Treats

These soft-baked, "B"-shaped treats are perfect for all pups -from puppies, to the pickiest of eaters, to the older & wiser pups with sensitive mouths, too.

Bac N Nutty Training Bites

Dog Training Treats

Sit, stay, treat. The perfect low-calorie bites for daily training.

Grazers Turkey & Sweet Potato Jerky Sticks

Dog Jerky Treats

All-natural & high-protein jerky! Straight from the butcher to your pup.

Sweet Dreams Soft & Chewy Treats

Dog Wellness & Dental Treats

Who said treats can't be good for your pup, too? From dental bars to calming treats, we have just the thing to support your pup's daily wellness routine.
Scaredy Snacks Soft & Chewy Treats

Shop Cat

Here kitty kitty, it’s treat time! Our soft, chewy (and extra tasty!) treats will have your furry friend purring for more.

Multivitamin Supplements

Dog Supplements

Chicken & Pumpkin Food Topper

Food Topper Recipes

Our new limited-ingredient food toppers are the yummiest (…and healthiest) way switch up any meal.