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The Holiday Gift Shop is Here!

The Holiday Gift Shop is Here!

We've made our treat list and checked it twice...and here are our favorite pup gifts for all dogs, naughty and nice!

We like to keep things simple.
Dogs deserve real food
(and treats — lots and lots of treats!)

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    Our Story
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    Pups (& People) really like us

    "Roo loves all the fresh, real ingredients in his Bocce's treats, and I love that they're good for him!"

    — Samantha & Roo (@hi.imroo)

    "Bocce's treats are made with wholesome ingredients that I would be happy to eat myself! Nigel and Rupert go crazy for them!"

    — Stacey, Nigel, & Rupert

    "Why would I choose Bocce's over another brand? Because they're simple, we trust them, and the pups love them."

    — Megan, Rosie, Pharrell, & Rumba (@pharrellandrosie)

    "We love Bocce's because we can trust the ingredients, they don't irritate Fiona's sensitive stomach, and there are tasty flavors she loves!"

    — Chelsia & Fiona (@fifithemystery)