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Join Bocce's Buddies

Love Bocce's Bakery? We're sniffing out pet parents of all follower sizes to spread the word!

Apply to be a part of our ambassador program, Bocce's Buddies, for exclusive perks for you and your pup!

The Perks

As an ambassador, you'll unlock access to:

✓ Free Bocce’s treats

✓ An exclusive discount code for your network, plus commission for you

✓ Early access to new recipes and product offerings

✓ Exclusive access to Bocce’s swag, the corporate team, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bocce’s Buddies Program? What are the responsibilities of a Buddy?

To put it simply, Bocce’s Buddies is an ambassador program made up of pet parents who are passionate about our brand! Bocce’s Buddies seeks to build lasting relationships with people who love their pets by bringing them into our pack. We ask our Buddies to help spread the word about Bocce’s via social media and in return, offer free treats and cool perks!

Who can join the Bocce's Buddies Program?

To be eligible for the Bocce’s Buddies Program, you must be over the age of 18 and excited to share Bocce’s with your family, friends, and followers. We are currently only accepting applications from United States residents.

Am I required to post certain things on my social media?

While we do have a recommended number of posts per month that we ask of our Buddies, Bocce’s believes our ambassadors should create authentic content that resonates with you and your followers! This means no scripted captions, photos, or videos — we want our Buddies to be themselves and share their genuine love for Bocce’s!

What is the commission rate for Bocce’s Buddies? How do I get commission?

Each Bocce’s Buddy will be given a personalized discount code and are encouraged to share this code with their family, friends, and followers on social media. Each time a Buddy’s code is used to purchase products on our website, the Buddy will receive a 10% commission, to be paid out monthly in the form of a Bocce's gift card or cash, based on performance and tenure.

How long does the Bocce’s Buddies Program last?

We work with all of our Buddies for an initial contract length of three months, with the option to extend and become eligible for a more elevated incentives program!